Comparing Gold, Bitcoin, and Disruptive MCA

As an investor, you generally want to grow your capital over time at a faster rate than inflation. Inflation has been the talk of the town lately since it is the highest it has been in many years. When it comes to hedging against inflation, investors generally investigate assets such as gold or Bitcoin. These are considered safe havens when inflation rises because unlike dollars there is a limited supply, and you cannot simply print more gold or bitcoin like the government could print a dollar. Unfortunately, both gold and bitcoin are still volatile assets, and you could potentially lose money if you buy them.

Assets such as bitcoin also come with transactional fees that should not be overlooked. If you want to buy or sell your bitcoin then there will be a substantial fee which tends to be overlooked by many people. Depending on how you invest in gold, there can also be transactional fees to watch out for.

An alternative investment like Merchant Cash Advances can be an even better way to protect your money against inflation since there is no volatility, and with Disruptive MCA Investing Program you never have to worry about any types of fees. In addition, you will also be generating real cash flow as opposed to simply buying an asset and hoping you are right, and it goes up in price.

Which one offers more benefits?

There is a popular saying in finance that is “cash is king” and when you are investing in gold or bitcoin you are simply not generating cash flow. Instead, you are essentially speculating or gambling that they will go up in price over time and provide capital gains returns.

By investing in the MCA industry you gain high return plus liquidity, it is like you are turning yourself into a cash flow generating machine instead of speculating that an asset will increase over time. This makes merchant cash advances an amazing investment opportunity because you will receive weekly cash flow.

Overall, MCAs are an amazing way to hedge against inflation without the volatility that comes with gold or bitcoin. Even if inflation continues to rise, there is no actual proof that gold will be a completely effective hedge against inflation. Gold has underperformed most assets, including merchant cash advances, bitcoin, and the stock market over the years. While gold may be inflation and recession-resistant, the returns have not been so good.

Disruptive MCA Investing Program offers 1.18x in less than a year while not being subject to market swings which makes it an attractive choice for investors in an inflationary market. With 18%+ returns Disruptive MCA Investing Program can even outperform the stock market without the volatility.

To realize any money from a gold or bitcoin investment, you would have to sell your investment and incur transactional fees. Not only do you have to deal with fees, but after you sell your asset, you must find a new place to put your money to work which causes yet another investment decision that could have been avoided if you just went with Disruptive MCA in the first place😏.

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